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Review by Suzi Turner (writer for Rock 'N' Load Magazine)


This album softly raises your vibration. Listening to it is like flowing into a hypnotic cycle, enjoying some inspired and restorative time before emerging, feeling as though your head has had a gentle but comprehensive work out.

1) Treasure Your Dreams (5:55) The opening track zooms and dives straight into electronic beats which build steadily. A brief pause approximately halfway through the track but not all is silent. A female voice holds a note and develops into an electronic buzz followed by the same voice gently reprimanding "All promises made, were broken by you". The words are clear but resonated and repeated further. The track feels like it reaches the front of your brain and dances in your ears. Invoke.

2) Very Large Brain (5:49) The second track begins with enigmatic pixel-like bleeps. Unusual voices are heard, intercepted with Donald Trump's voice saying 'That's enough, put down the mic.' Much like overhearing a CB radio conversation of a forensic investigation. It feels as though something is holding you by the shoulders whilst a picture builds in front of you brick by brick. Midway into the track and the title words "Very, very large brain" are spoken. There are suggestions of metal and steel - perhaps tools? - chopping and buzzing, then faster clicks, whirrs and buzzes. Could this be the soundtrack to an alien autopsy? Imagine.

3) Crispy (7:08) The third track begins with a clean and crisp cymbal-like beat as the title would suggest. Then more notes float in on a top layer whilst a subtle computerised drum builds steadily. A rollercoaster of a melody is heard in the background. This is followed by a plumb-beat around a quarter of the way into the track. Another tuneful string of beeps and bleeps sashays in and the remainder of the track treats you to an unhurried harmony of robotic sounds. Dance.

4) No8 Phas3 (7:19) Imagine yourself being launched into outer space. An electronic voice whispers into your ears at various intervals alongside an accumulation of staccato beats. You can feel it in the front of your brain, your temples and even in your upper gums as the notes cut in with windchime effect. The voice is deep but a lighter voice adds an intermittent word. Just over half way through the track you experience isolated drum beats then it's back to full flow Techno evocative of 80's/90's Rave. The ending is a fading series of hi-tech sound effects. Dance some more.

5) Crockabell Flowers (6:58) Beginning like the loading of an 80's computer game, a drum beat is then introduced along with a sound not dissimilar to laser gun fire. There is a definite easy-going undertone to this track, less suited to dancing, more suited to a long walk in nature or a chilled afternoon in your favourite armchair, drinking in the beats. There is plenty for your ears and brain to decipher. It seems to be comprised of many tempos. Infact, the more you listen, the more you discover as you allow yourself to bask in the sounds. A slow chanting voice fades into sustained piano notes which lead cleverly in to the start of the next (final) track. Contemplate.

6) Treasure Your Nightmares (7:45) Leading in with piano notes gives this track a spookier feel than its counterpart 'Treasure Your Dreams'. Drums, cymbals, beats, it's almost as though this track is downloading sounds whilst simultaneously blending them handsomely into its rhythm. There are lower notes introduced alongside more piercing bursts and lyrics from track 1 are woven agreeably into the mix. There are electronic chants, repeated beeps, blurps, buzzes, rattles and shakes. These slowly dissipate at the end, leaving you again with solitary piano notes and the faint hum of a voice echoing into the distance. Refresh.

REVIEWER: Suzi Turner 11.12.18





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