For your event, we will provide in advance a playlist sheet which you can fill in with any particular songs or genres of music you will require on the day, giving us enough time to make sure that the record box is full of exactly the right stuff!

We do not limit ourselves to any one genre and understand that private events require the DJ to be very flexible. so whether you want the latest chart hits, rock 'n' roll classics, cheesy retro skool daze cuts, a full on indie or heavy metal set, an Ibiza influenced banging house selection or all or none of the above, you can be confident that the music you hear on the day will be the music you want to hear


We like to let the music do the talking - our policy is to keep the DJ announcements to a bare minimum and let the crowd soak up the music, lights and atmosphere of a great night.

We like to credit our audience with a bit of intelligence and do not feel the need to signpost each track before it is played - if someone wishes to find out the name of a certain track they are welcome to ask.

Obviously formal announcements will be made if required and dedications considered, but the main emphasis will be on the music rather than a DJ nattering all over the songs!